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The winter I turned ten years old, I was invited to my first girl/boy dance party. Tommy Wilson would be there, an adorable little boy with cinnamon colored hair and bright blue eyes, so you better believe I wanted something special to wear. My heart had been set on the sassy, little red taffeta dress in the window of the local boutique. The week of the party, Mom surprised me and brought the dress home!

When the day of the party finally arrived, I woke up bright and early to get ready. I polished my nails, styled my hair in soft curls (no ponytails for me!), dabbed on a little lipstick, and slipped into my first pair of kitten heels. The finishing touch was the red taffeta dress. Then, I was out the door!

I'll never forget how I felt at the party: calm, confident and special. At first, I thought those feelings only came from the red taffeta dress. But later, I realized that feeling came from being polished and appropriately styled for the occasion. Now I could forget about myself and focus on others.

My name is Brenda Franklin Jones and today, many years later, I'm still in the business of beauty and style. My greatest joy is working with girls and women of all ages who desire positive solutions and new direction in their lives. At Blossom, we offer many options and opportunities for you, always personalized and designed to fit your needs. The techniques I teach are elementary, but our clients say the results are extraordinary.


Let's chat.

- Bren

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