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style princess
"Find yourself and be that!"
My job:  Fashion stylist, make-up artist, creative consultant ...
always wanting to make you smile!

Favorite color: Apple green addict

Favorite word: Anchor

Can't live without: Fresh flowers.

My message to the world: See the beauty, not the blemish...
poise & polish princess
"I love drama!"
My job:  Etiquette and manners coach, fashion stylist, and makeup artist.

My passion: Helping you feel and look your BEST.

Favorite word:  Love it!

Favorite color: Olive green

Can't live without: Music, mascara, lipstick and Coca-Cola

My message to the world: Hold on to your tiara, but always check your gratitude meter.




cool chick
"I love effortless beauty!"
My job:  To style girls and women...any age. I love for them to look in the mirror and say, "oh my!"

My loves:  Travel, a lazy lunch, leopard print and mascara

Favorite word:  YUMMY!

Favorite color: Pink! of course

Can't live without: My Clarisonic

My message to the world: Grab some chic and run!




awesome lady
"Living and loving life to the fullest!"
My job:  I will declutter your life, tame your mess and lighten your load. 

Favorite color: Blue

My passion: Amazing room makeovers!

Can't live without: Chocolate

My message to the world: Just let it go!
wonder woman
"You're as amazing as you let yourself be."
My job:  My heart and soul is obsessed with creating WOW! Whether it's decorating a room, a table, a porch or just about anything! Wow, I am totally obsessed!

Favorite color: Energized, electric LIME green.

My loves: My grandchildren.

Can't live without: Vibrant colors.

My message to the world: If not now, then when?
graphic design guru
"Relax, it's going to be ok..."
My job:  I manage the website and Facebook page so y'all can see everything these amazing ladies come up with!

Favorite color: Blue

My loves: NOT cooking, sleeping in and cozy scarves.

Can't live without: Hair gel and chapstick.

My message to the world: It all comes out in the wash....
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