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Time to find a style that makes you look and feel your best. Tell us what you want the world to see and we'll show you how to effectively and affordably communicate the message.

Style 101

$50 - Approximately 1 hour

In this consultation, you will receive expert-style advice, fresh ideas, and simple solutions to compliment your look. We will help you create a wardrobe plan of action!


Love Your Look!

$225 - 3 - 4 Sessions (4 -5 hours total)

Ready for an update? Learn how to define and enhance your personal style. We'll identify your best colors while maximizing your assets and minimizing challenges. All our style secrets - customized just for YOU. 

Girls Loves Pearls

(price upon consultation)

Your accessories tell the world who you are. This style session will teach you to add color, texture, sparkle, and drama to what you wear. Let's take your wardrobe to a new level.

Restyle Your Style


This is a head-to-toe customized makeover. Our 10-Step Plan will leave you feeling confident, inspired, and definitely styled. Call for a consultation to discuss details.


Working Girl

(price upon consultation)

Your work image is so much more than just your wardrobe. Learn how to make your hair, makeup, posture, poise and verbal skills work for you! (In-office workshops also available.)

Conquer that Closet! Part I

(price upon consultation)

Have a packed closet, but nothing to wear? With some help from us, every morning will feel like shopping at your favorite fashion boutique.

Together - we will inventory what you have, toss what you don't need and decide what is missing. When we are finished, you will have new outfits that were hiding in the clutter, and a shopping list of items to further enhance your wardrobe.


Now that your closet is streamlined, let's keep it that way! We will show you how. Click here.

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