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She's pretty, but she's mean as a snake...

I love the old sayings like, "Pretty is as pretty does", but what about "She's pretty, but she's mean as a snake." Snakes might be pretty to some people, but in my opinion you would be wise to keep your distance.

We've all known someone who was lovely or exhibited an impeccable sense of style, but was thoughtless, unkind, untrustworthy, or just out right rude. In this case, their outward beauty will quickly fade and they become forgettable. To me, the best compliment one can receive is, you are beautiful inside and out. This is true beauty.

In this busy fast-paced world, social skills are often lacking when they should be even more present. I believe the problem stems from a general lack of common courtesy that has sadly become the norm in our society, especially in the last few decades. We have become more and more buried in our computers, and our technology, and we are having less and less human interaction. For this reason, people feel that they can get by with less common courtesy than was required in the past.

Perhaps resorting back to another old saying might be a place for us to start... "Treat others as you would like to be treated." For years I've taught manners and etiquette classes and worked in the fashion industry. My definition of etiquette is quite simple- a code of polite conduct. When you're working on improving your image, remember good manners never go out of style. They are definitely a vital part of creating the total package for any image makeover.

For more information on my upcoming etiquette classes, please contact me at 803.309.1847.

I hope to hear from you.

Thanks - Jenny

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