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Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget About Your Makeup Bag!

Since most of us are involved in some spring cleaning projects, let’s give some thought to your makeup bag. It deserves a good spring cleaning too!

First, take a look at the bag itself. Is it showing signs of wear and tear? Has it served its purpose in size and organization options? Think about this: overstuffed handbags and makeup pouches are unsightly. They give the impression that you are disorganized and frazzled. It may be time to purchase a new one that better fits your personality and current storage needs.

Now, dump everything out of your makeup bag. Evaluate what you have. Some things you may want to keep, and others may need to be thrown away. For example, mascara needs to be replaced every three months; opened eye shadow, lipstick, eyeliner and blush should be tossed about every twelve months; and foundation should be thrown out after six months.

Next, clean your makeup brushes. Use a spray brush cleaner – there are many options available.

Chances are you will also need to replace some products. Consider incorporating some new shades and textures for the warm weather ahead. May I suggest some springy shades of blush and lipsticks in light corals and pretty pinks?

Are you considering a new look for spring, but need some help creating it? Jenny and Bren are a phone call away! Book your appointment today for a "Wakeup Your Makeup" session.

Here’s to a fabulous You this spring!

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