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Women Who Make Things Beautiful

As her children became more independent, Ck Kramer wanted to spend her extra time in a constructive and fun way - and Square One Salon was born!

"I was working as a stylist while raising two high school students. Our son was a freshman, and our daughter a senior. You know - the age where they no longer will be requiring your services to exist," says Ck with a laugh. "A phase that was far more traumatic for me than being an empty nester. I remember feeling so useless and thinking 'now what?' My babies are grown! I need another baby, to love, nurture and pour all my passion and creative energy into. That was the inception of Square One Salon."

The idea behind the name Square One Salon is twofold.

"As women, there comes a point in our lives when we loose our sense of self. It's given away in tiny pieces to a spouse, a boss, a parent, our children - until we no longer have any memory of that carefree, creative, beautiful young girl. So let's go back to Square One and reconnect with her and bring that beauty back to life!" says Ck. "Also, as women, we have all had those horrible salon experiences! At Square One Salon, we wipe the slate clean of all the damage (physically and mentally) created along the way. Our goal is to connect with every client and restore the health, luster, dimension and beauty to their hair and their well-being."

Ck's favorite thing about her work is COLOR!

My passion is HAIR COLOR, creating beautiful, healthy, lustrous, dimensional hair color. After 34 years in this industry, I still get goose bumps and feel giddy inside when we are able to transform someone's hair and let them see what beautiful hair ACTUALLY looks like.

For Ck, success is a journey, not a destination.

"Keep learning and growing, pay it forward, ALWAYS listen to THAT little voice," says Ck.

To learn more about Ck and Square One Salon, give them a call at (803) 772-2300, visit them on Facebook here or stop by 612 St Andrews Rd #15 Columbia, SC 29210.

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