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Women Who Make Beautiful Things

Teri Pringle, owner of Blue Flour Bakery, has always had a love of baking thanks to her grandmother. Shared memories over wonderful food and incredible desserts in her childhood led her to a career in the hotel and restaurant business. After several years in the corporate hospitality world, Teri decided to take a break – which turned out to be one of her best decisions ever!

“I have always loved to bake. Starting a bakery was not planned, but just happened after I took some time off from work to spend time with my daughters one summer,” says Teri. “I decided this would be the best time to give this cookie business a whirl, or I would always look back and wish I had tried. So now it has been ten years and I still love it!”

While the decision to open a bakery happened rather easily, deciding on a name for the bakery was a bit more difficult.

“It was one of the most difficult items I had to do for the business. It was something I would have to enjoy seeing and saying for years to come,” says Teri. “I wanted a color and a thing. Blue is my favorite color and everything we bake has flour as an ingredient.”

Since Teri loves to create and invent new recipes for the bakery, her favorite items are never the same.

“My favorites change everyday. And this is a big reason why our menu changes everyday. I love the salted brownie, and our new addition of rosemary shortbread is one of my top picks for the cookies,” says Teri.

Teri’s enjoyment of her work goes back to her grandmother’s kitchen in Syracuse, NY, where food was made for sharing with those you care about.

“Being able to create items that make people happy and they want to share with others is the most rewarding part of my work,” says Teri.

The secret of Teri’s success is very simple…

“Always do things in your life that you enjoy!”

If you need baked items for a party or special event - or if you're just craving an awesome cookie - stop by Blue Flour at 7703 St. Andrews Road in Irmo, or visit their website here.

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