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TEN Beauty Tips for Any Age

Tip #1:

Be passionate about something. It's an instant facelift.

Tip #2:

Take a deep breath! It's ok.

Tip #3:

Always be well groomed, even when you are dressed casually.

Tip #4:

Just plain tired or exhausted, wear a necklace with some sparkle.

You'll be surprised what it does for your face.

Tip #5:

Dress current, but age appropriate. Nothing is worse than an old lady in high heels.

Tip #6:

Do Not Neglect Yourself.

Tip #7:

No time for under eye concealer -

apply a soft, neutral shadow with a very fine brush.

Tip #8:

Our lips shrink as we age :-(

I first apply lipstick, and THEN line my lips with liner.

A touch of gloss gives a pretty pout.

Tip #9:

Outgrown that little black dress? ... It could become a little black car. :-)

Tip #10:

Wear makeup everyday, even on weekends. Your family wants to see you

at your very best - and everyone looks better with a little makeup.

Bonus Tip:

Count your blessings!

There are girls everywhere praying for what you already have.

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