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"Let them eat cake..."

Hi everyone! I'm Cate, the webmaster for our beloved website... Our Online Launch Party was off to a fabulous start, but unfortunately things came to a crashing halt when I experienced a death in my family. I appreciate your understanding and patience during this time...

In our last blog, we promised a sweet treat - and we're ready to deliver! We have gift certificates from the best bakeries around town and we are so excited to share them with:

Jessica Shafer

Blue Flour Bakery, Irmo - $10 Gift Certificate

Peggy Linton

Sweet - A Cupcake Company, Village at Sandhills - $10 Gift Certificate

Christine Porter

Cupcake DownSouth, The Vista - 3 Cupcake Tokens ($10 Value)

Congrats to our winners, and thanks to all of you for being so sweet! Keep checking the Tickled Chic blog for more contest announcements!

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