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The Bridesmaid's Poem

As we are right in the middle of “wedding season,” I thought I would share a poem that is very close to my heart called the Bridesmaid’s Poem.

I wrote this poem for my sister’s wedding earlier this year.

While we were getting ready, the other bridesmaids and myself read this poem to the bride and presented her with a silver band to wear on her right hand.

You could also do three stacked rings and give her one at the end of each section of the poem! You can customize the rings according to the bride's style and the bridesmaids' budget - the options are endless.

Might want to read the poem to her BEFORE she gets her make up done – it’s a tearjerker!


Later today, you’ll receive a special ring,

and we’re so excited for the joy it will bring.

You’ve found the right guy, and we know your love will last,

but as you start your future, don’t forget about your past.

The ladies in this room,

were there before the groom.

Always remember, we loved you first,

through your triumphs and even at your worst!

We remember the guys who weren’t good enough,

we told you to, “stay strong and be tough.”

We knew a girl as special as you,

needed a man whose love would be true.

Now your waiting is done,

because you’ve finally found the right one.


The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived,

and we’re so happy to be standing at your side.

All the planning and decisions are done,

now it’s time to have some fun!

We hope today is full of happiness and cheer,

and food and wine and even some beer.

Just don’t have too much fun at the reception,

they say alcohol can sometimes cause conception.

So eat, dance, laugh and drink,

the day will be over before you can blink.

Though your wedding day will go by fast,

your marriage is one that surely will last.

So wear this ring as a token of our joy,

and as a reminder of the day you married a special boy.


Tomorrow when you wake up, you’ll be a wife,

it’s the first day of the rest of your life.

The journey you’ll share will have ups and downs,

there will be laughter and tears, smiles and frowns.

Sometimes you'll fight,

because you both think you're right.

You'll scream and you'll yell,

and you'll tell him to ''go to hell."

So whenever you fight,

just look down to the right.

There on your finger,

a reminder will linger.

The women who stand with you today,

have no plans of ever going away.

On your left, you'll have your wedding band,

but remember your girls are on the other hand.

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