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Makeover Madness!

Last week, I had the pleasure of working with Annie & Anne, a dynamic mother/daughter duo. I must admit they definitely kept me on my toes as we worked to create their signature looks.

Meet Annie

Annie is a seventeen-year-old high school student. Already a beauty, she was looking for a refresh and wanted to learn some beauty tips. I was eager to create a soft, natural but confident, age appropriate look for her - one that she could wear everyday.

Recap: I first applied moisturizer, then blended an oil-free, dual-finish foundation. I selected dual-finish, which is a combination of powder and foundation, because it perfectly balances skin tones. I chose a soft and flattering color that blended perfectly. Eyebrows are so important, and so often neglected. I brushed her brows and added some definition to them to frame her face. We chose a thick, creamy bronze glow lip gloss, NOT a shiny, greasy gloss. Soft pinks for blush- dusting from cheekbones to hairline - neutral shadows on her eyes and several coats of mascara.

Pre-styled photo (left, above) - adorable

Styled photo (right, above) - beautiful, confident, polished and inspired

Meet Anne

Anne wanted to wake up her make up. She was ready for a refresh, a restyle, a reboot. I wanted to create a soft signature look that she could enjoy.

Recap: After moisturizing, I applied a dual-finish foundation to diminish the redness in her skin - which gave me a neutral canvas to work off of and created harmony and balance. I next groomed her brows and gave her some depth by defining them - with beautiful lips and cheeks my job was easy. I used neutrals on her eyes and added a soft brown mascara.

What a beauty!

Pre-styled photo (left, above) - cute and sassy

Styled photo (right, above) - beautiful, softer, balanced, defined and confident


I really enjoyed working with these ladies. If you are interested in a refresh, or want to WakeUp your make up, give me a call at 803.730.5194 or email me from our Contact page.

Special thanks to CK at SquareOne Salon for Annie's braid and Anne's beautiful hairstyle.

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