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A Case of the Mondays...

I was recently reading that studies confirm that 46% of American women feel least attractive on Monday. This is attributed to our challenge of facing the week ahead, and the fact that we are physically exhausted from weekend activities. It's definitely hard to be on top of everything when you are whipped. It's also hard to be wardrobe- wise when your eyes are half shut, and you have to be at work. Looking your best means feeling better, and when we look and feel our best we are our most productive. So let's see if I can inspire you with some Monday Makeover Tips.

1- The 5 P's.

"Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance"

This is great advice, and it's something I teach all my clients, but I'm not sure it works here. If you will plan your Monday wardrobe on Thursday and put it aside- great! If not - keep reading....

2- In my closet I have my favorites, but I also have basics - I call them my ESSENTIALS. I can go to my essentials at any time - like the green dress in the picture... No mixing or matching, easy to slip on and nothing to think about...I love to accessorize my essentials, most often with a statement necklace. Look at the picture. One piece of jewelry takes the dress to another level. I've given you several options for bracelets, watches and handbags - White, gold or mix it up. Keeping it simple, I have selected neutral shoes for a beautiful leg lengthening look. Essentials are almost never my favorite wardrobe pieces, but they are my no brainers.

3- Let's talk hair... We don't all have great hair. I wish we did. But you can have a great hairdresser. Treat yourself to a haircut/style that revolves around your lifestyle, or you'll drive yourself nuts. If you don't have a great hairdresser that can help you with the right style, then look for one. A great hairdresser is vital. I'll be happy to make a recommendation, if needed.

4- Remember this! Make up has the power to give you a polished, confident and competent look- so no excuses- even a small amount can make a huge difference. Foundation, touch of blush, lipgloss and mascara - all in 10 minutes or less....

Hope these tips get you out the door next Monday a little faster and with a bigger smile!

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