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Better Than Basic

A few days ago, I was looking for a tank/cami when I realized I only had solid colors. I started investigating, and was I in for a surprise...

Fourteen basic white- all just alike - all from the same store. Ten basic black- all just alike and all from the same store.

I did have other solid colors, but all the exact same style. How boring and how did this happen? It's one thing to find a pair of shoes you love, and buy them in every color- it's another to find a basic tank and get stuck in a rut.

So let's talk. Basics are great. We can always depend on them. They definitely save us time, and yes when advising clients who are building wardrobes I do suggest starting with basics. But sometimes we need to think 'better than basic." Look at the picture above. All of the camis are different... Different colors, styles, and textures. I also tried to select different necklines, as the neckline on any garment is a face framing item. Pay attention to necklines and always select the one that most flatters the shape of your face.

And as for those of you who prefer not to show your arms, you can wear all of these tanks with a light weight sweater, jean jacket, or wrap. Check out the bottom row in the picture. I have illustrated a few ideas for you.

If you're ready to move beyond "basic," give me a call!

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