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Beauty Potluck

In the fall, I like to make what I call Pantry Chili. I take some ground beef, some spices and whatever I can find in the pantry. Throw it in the crock pot and voila - Pantry Chili! This week's The Ten, is a bit like my Pantry Chili. It's a little of this, a little of that - but when you put it together, it just works.

1- Truly talented professionals focus on bringing out the best in you, not telling you what's wrong with you. When it comes to your beauty needs, hang out with pros.

See the beauty, not the blemish.

2- Good skin is the foundation for a great look. Find a skin care regimen that works for you. Once you see an improvement, stay on it, be faithful. For example, I LOVE my Clarisonic -it's costly, but worth the money.

3- Please don't agonize over the cost of a great haircut, color or style. Your hairstyle is the one item you wear single day - it frames your face. With today's social media, one bad hair style can haunt you forever!

4- Curl your eyelashes. A simple bend can release you of 10 years, and it really opens up your eye.

5- To much concealer on a blemish or breakout can work as a highlighter. It accentuates what you are trying to coverup. Be careful when using concealer.

6- Boost your bust with the right bra. Pay attention to your undergarments. It can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. Eighty percent of women today wear the wrong size bra.

7- Use you ring finger when applying products or cosmetics around your eyes. The skin around this area is very thin, and your ring finger applies less pressure. Be gentle with your face.

8- Need help curing a sleepy face, swollen eyes or puffiness? Use a bag of frozen peas. They conform perfectly to the eye area.

9 - Use makeup to enhance your natural beauty. They need to see you, not your makeup. Look for ways to highlight, not hide your features.

10 - Learn how to maximize your assets, and minimize your challenges.

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