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Use Color to "Own Your Outfit"

Most of us think we must buy new clothes to update our wardrobe for an upcoming season. Not necessarily true.I thought you might enjoy a few tips on color styling. It's simple and affordable, and can quickly change your wardrobe from drab to fab.

* There's something very chic and flattering about wearing one stroke of color. This season, an easy wardrobe update is to change your shoe color. For example, if you are wearing all black, opt to wear gray shoes, instead of black shoes. Take it one step further - if you're wearing all gray, choose a shoe in pink or perhaps red. It's a very modern look, and a way to own your outfit.

* Most of our handbags are in neutrals. Instead of purchasing a new outfit, keep your black suit or dress and purchase a new handbag in a chic green, amethyst orchid, electric blue or any current color. For example, a gray dress loves fab with a hot pink handbag. Grab a bright bag!

* Add a big statement necklace in a bright color to a staple outfit from your closet. It will quickly change the look.

* Your little black dress could actually be your little purple dress and would love great with your little pink shoes!

* A watch always shows confidence and adds energy to any outfit. Chunky bright colored watches look great with casual wear and arm candy.

* Add pops of color - for example if you're wearing navy - you could use 3 pops of pink or peach... nails, lips, & statement necklace.

Hope these help you tackle the season. Visit our Wardrobe page to find the option that works for you.

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