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Top Ten People That Inspire Us

Jimmy Fallon- host The Tonight Show

He makes us smile. We go to bed happy. Can't help it, we love this sweet guy!

Jennifer Pinckney - widow of Senator Clementa Pinckney

Mrs. Pinckney taught everyone at Blossom a valuable lesson in perseverance, compassion and forgiveness - and we have never even met her. UNBELIEVABLE!

Angelina Jolie - actor, director, humanitarian

She is a STRONG, compassionate woman and is respected by many. She quietly leads - working tirelessly to bring attention to the causes close to her heart.

Taylor Swift- songwriter, singer/performer

She did not step on others to get where she is today, instead, she appreciates her fans and is greatful for her success. She is a smart business woman who is also quite CHIC.

Kelly Ripa - host Kelly & Michael

Small, but a POWERHOUSE... Always happy ... A firecracker!

Malala Yousafzai

Pakistani school girl who stood up to the Taliban as an activist for female education. Also became the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate.

Misty Copeland - principal ballerina

She was told her dreams were impossible, but she didn't listen. She just kept on and on.

Taya Kyle -Author and widow of US Navy Seal Chris Kyle

Taya is an activist for veteran families, and an advocate for women and families who have lost loved ones while serving our country.

Michael J. Fox - actor, director

We admire his brilliant mind and his perseverance. As we watch him slowly succumb to Parkinson's Disease, he has not hidden from the public eye, but instead still entertains us in spite of his illness.

Kate Winslet - actress

Proud to be imperfect - she embraces everything that comes along with a woman's constantly changing body. She challenges the idea of feminine perfection and encourages us to be the best version of ourselves!

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