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Top 10 Wedding Day Makeup Blunders

1. Not booking a makeup run-thru

This is a disaster. The run-thru is when you and the artist work together to develop your special look for your wedding day. Please plan for this early on, so you will be prepared.

2. Not wearing foundation because your skin is flawless

Everyone needs harmony and balance with their skin tones, and you achieve this with foundation. Foundation is the key to a picture perfect look. You can not go without it.

3. Applying foundation directly to your skin

This does not work. Always apply a moisturizer or primer first as your foundation must have something to adhere to, or it will streak.

4. Avoiding waterproof mascara and products

This is a no - brainer. Be prepared. Don't let mascara ruin your pictures.

5. Maintenance on your eyebrows too close to the wedding date

You don't want red, puffy skin around your eyes. This is a very sensitive area. Plan at least a week out for brow maintenance.

6. Wearing red lipstick - not a good idea

It can bleed, bounces off of light, and is often looks harsh. There are so many other beautiful shades that are easier to work with - ask your artist for advice.

7. Using airbrush makeup

Airbrushing is a term, it does not mean that you will look airbrushed when the application is finished. Airbrushing is quicker, but the coverage is flat and you look flat instead of glowy. Airbrushing also makes touch-ups difficult.

8. Trying something new on your wedding day

This is not the day to try false eyelashes for the first time. This should be done in advance. Don't ask for a smokey eye on the day of your wedding if you've never worn one ... You'll be disappointed.

9. Penciling in your eyebrow

Yes, you do need a well defined brow, but not a fake penciled-in brow. Use an eyebrow powder for a natural, pretty brow.

10. Friends or family doing hair and makeup

In general, this does not work. Hire professionals and get the job done right.

Happily Ever After!

BONUS: Avoid a trendy look. Aim for a timeless, polished look that will be as beautiful on your golden anniversary as it is today!

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