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Dear Bren...

Not sure what to do? Ask Bren!

Dear Bren,

I'm a tomboy and getting married this Fall. I have never worn makeup, but would love to be a beautiful bride.

Can you please help me?


Plain Jane

Dear Jane,

I would love to help you. We can create a special look for your special day. You will look and feel like a princess, and be able to concentrate on what's most important ... forever!

Just call and let's schedule a time to get together.


Dear Bren,

My makeup bag is full of the same stuff I've used for years. I still apply it like I learned at sweet 16 and now I'm 42. I just don't know what to do?


Feeling Outdated

Dear Outdated,

Guess what? In one hour I can turn your situation from drab to fab. Call today and schedule a 'Wakeup your Makeup' session. I promise, you'll be glad you did.


Dear Bren,

I'm putting my house on the market soon. Honestly I haven't thrown anything out in 20 years....and it definitely needs some staging.

Would you consider stopping by to see my mess?

Feeling Overwhelmed

Dear Overwhelmed,

I would be happy to meet with you. I'm sure we can create a plan to help you through your transition. Let's chat.


Dear Bren,

I'm a total wreck. Don't know what to do? I'm drowning in a sea of paper. Can't catch my breath and if my boss finds out... I'm out of here. Organizing is just not my thing.


Messy Minnie

Dear Minnie,

We can help. We're at our best when organizing. We can show you how to pull it together. Call and let's get started.


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