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Life-Long Beauty

It is the desire of most women to be beautiful at any age, and they can be. Here are some tips that we believe will help us mature gracefully. Please read and consider ...

* Be well-groomed

* Smell fresh & delightful

* Take care of your skin- moisturize faithfully

* Take care of your teeth. Professional cleaning & checkups twice a year.

* Schedule yearly physical exams. Practice preventive medicine

* Exercise, walk & keep moving

* Practice good posture. It promotes good health, and is very attractive.

* Forget your age ... Be comfortable with it

* Be indulgent

* Smile

* Be carefree

* Enthusiasm is the best vitamin

* Listen

* Be generous and more giving

* Be positive

* Value friendships

* Dress comfortably, but stylishly

* Wear classic pieces of jewelry

* Put things into perspective

* Accept that there will be bad days, and make the most of good days


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