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Beauty Faux Pas

​Hey girls- with the season changing I thought this would be a good time to blog about some basic beauty faux pas. Every beauty editor or makeup artist has at some point in time made some of these mistakes. I do however consistently see these blunders and I wanted to share them with you...

* Wearing the wrong foundation

- foundation that is too dark- it's not suppose to give you a tan

- foundation that is too heavy

- foundation that is not blended properly

* To much concealer or coverup - less is best

* Wearing your makeup to match your outfit

* Wearing blue eye shadow

* Blusher applied incorrectly

* Mascara applied on lower lashes-it's too harsh & brings out under-eye darkness

* Eyebrows not maintained - a well-groomed brow enhances your entire look

* Lipliner that is too dark

* Sparkly, glittery makeup- just say no, unless you're on a runway, or you're 14

* Lipgloss that is shiny or sticky. It should be creamy and thick.

We can help you take your make up skills to the next level.

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