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​Struggling with those cuffs?? Struggle no more...Below are several simple, but stylish ways to cuff those jeans ....

A SuperSkinny Cuff

- works best with a streamlined silhouette

- best with skinny jeans

Step 1

Fold the jean leg to create a half inch cuff

Step 2

Fold again to create a doubled half inch cuff

Finished Look

Smooth out the super skinny cuff to create a polished, finished even look.

The Wide Cuff

- works best with straight leg denim

- remember, a wider cuff always makes you look shorter

Step 1

Fold or turn the jean leg up 2 inches to create a 2 inch cuff.

Step 2

Fold again to create a double 2- inch cuff

Finished Look

Do the other pant leg. Smooth out and make sure the cuffs are even and finished.

The X Wide Cuff - *Blossom Fave

- this style works best with long, skinny legs

Step 1

Turn the jean leg up approximately 3 inches. This creates a 3 inch cuff.

Step 2

Now do the other leg and make sure both legs are even and look finished.

Hope you find a style you love!


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