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Ruffle The Rules

​Rule # 1

Don't wear long hair or short skirts after 40.

Ruffle the Rule

False, it depends. Many woman over 40 look great with long hair - if the style flatters, and is current. Ask yourself - does is flatter your face? As for short skirts, look at your legs and your figure. Is the length flattering? Be honest. If the answer is yes - Go for it !

Rule # 2

Always match your handbag and shoes.

Ruffle the Rule

False. There was a time when a lady always coordinated her shoes, her handbag, & belt. Everything was perfectly matched. This look is now considered to be very dated. Use texture and color with your handbag and shoes too add interest to your outfits. Allow these accessories to compliment your attire.

Rule # 3

High-waisted pants are always unflattering.

Ruffle the Rule

False. High waisted pants and mom jeans definitely get a bad rap. Actually, when worn correctly, slightly high-rise slim fitting jeans or simple high-waisted black trousers can create an illusion of tall and lean - a very elongated silhouette.

Rule # 4

Denim on denim is a fashion faux pas.

Ruffle the Rule

False. Double denim is in style. Experiment with the different shades. Pair pieces of varying washes together - a light denim shirt with dark denim jeans or a denim jacket with a light wash denim skirt. The same color denim head-to-toe is a definite "no-no."

Rule # 5

Red lipstick is only for evening.

Ruffle the Rule

False. Once considered evening only, today a bright red lip (orange, hot pink, or deep plum) can act as an accessory and add some life to any daytime outfit. If you wear this as a daytime look, be sure to keep the rest of your makeup minimal and your outfit polished.

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