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Enjoy the Show!

It's that time of year when everyone will be attending Christmas plays, concerts and ballet performances. Here are a few things to keep in mind when attending the theater...

Be on time. Arrive thirty minutes before curtain call. Late comers are not looked upon fondly by those who are on time and seated before the performance begins.

When the show starts, conversation should stop.

When entering a row on the way to your seat, turn and face the people who are already seated. This lessens the chance that toes may get stepped on, and no one appreciates having somebody's bottom in their face as you move down the row!

When attending a sophisticated performance, such as a ballet, loud whistles and outbursts are not appropriate. Simple appreciative applause is sufficient. Save the afore mentioned exuberance for ball games and rock concerts where behavior is less formal.

If your little one becomes restless, it is polite to leave the performance with the child. Those around you will be most grateful.

Put your cell phones on silent. A cell phone ring is not acceptable during any performance, or movie. Also, refrain from texting because your phone lights up and is distracting to the people sitting near you.

Don't you wish that everyone would read this?

Enjoy the show!

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