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Streamline Your Decorating

Now that our houses are beautifully decorated, we can begin to enjoy the festivities of the Christmas Season. One week later, here comes the New Year and more celebrating!

Is it really bad luck to have your trees up past January first? I enjoy keeping mine up until after New Year's Day, but after then, I'm SO ready to get everything put away. Then comes the daunting task of packing up and putting things up for another year.

Here are a few tips to make it go a little more smoothly:

Get organized.

Utilize storage bins that are made for ornaments and decorations.

Use egg cartons to store small ornaments. It saves having to wrap each one in tissue paper. Close the lid and your precious posessions will be protected. Saves time and paper.

As for lights - everyone's nightmare - in order to prevent a tangled ball of lights next year, wrap each strand around a piece of cardboard. The lights stay separated and each strand is also separate.

You may choose to use a wooden coat hanger to wrap strands of lights. Using this method, the hanger can be hung in a storage area and will be easy to grab next year.

Keep the things you will need first for next year easily accessible. Example, the first things you will need should be put away last and put in easy to reach places.

What will you need first? Wrapping paper and ribbons, door wreaths, tree stands, lights and so forth.

I hope these tips help you streamline your decorating! Wishing you a WONDERFUL 2016!

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