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Baby, It's COLD Outside!

As you know this is the most dehydrating time of the year. These simple skin care tips can help you survive the cold weather season. Follow these to keep your skin fresh, hydrated, and healthy.

* Use creamy cleansers. Moisturize more and often, especially before going to bed. Switch to a heavier moisturizer and eye cream during these winter months.

* Take short warm, not hot showers. Hot water feels good, but strips your skin of its natural oil leaving it dehydrated and itchy. Apply lotion while your skin is still damp.

* Sunscreen isn't just for summer! Use products with sunscreen and reapply frequently if outside.

* Stay kissable. Your lips need a shield to stay in shape. Lip balm is a buffer to protect them from the sun, wind, cold and dry air. Apply generously and avoid licking your lips as this dries your lips out.

* Keep eyes comfy. Protect them from the wind and cold by wearing sunglasses. If needed replenish wetness with artificial tears.

* Beautiful skin is a reflection of your inner health. A healthy diet is essential. Be sure to drink plenty of water and get a generous dose of veggies. Your skin will thank you.


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