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World's "Okayest" Runner

Generally, if I'm running, you better be running too because there is probably something chasing me. However, this spring, I've made it my goal to change some unhealthy habits and that includes increasing my physical activity (so don't panic if you see me running.)

The three goals I've set for myself are to: 1. Exercise more. 2. Drink more water. and 3. Improve my eating habits. I'll admit, it's been a challenge. Enter iPhone...

I'm a techy nerd and have always loved technology of all sorts. So, to motivate me to continue the healthy changes I'm making, I've downloaded some apps.


I have started the C25K app which is designed to turn non-runners into runners. So far, I like it. The app starts the program slowly, so I don't feel discouraged. It lets me use my running playlist (which is another motivator!) and tells me when to walk and when to run. I can already tell I'm progressing, as it becomes easier to complete the workout each time. As you get comfortable with a stage, the app moves you up to a more intense workout.

Water Tracker Daily

I've also downloaded a water tracking app, which pops up several times a day to remind me to drink more water. Prior to the app, I would go all day without drinking ANY water and not even realize it. Another fun app to keep me motivated!

My Fitness Pal

This is a calorie counting app. By tracking what I'm eating, I pay much more attention to my habits and I have completely changed how I eat. Since using the app, I've been eating better quality foods, been eating the correct portion sizes and have been eating only when I'm hungry - no more "mindless" eating. With six million foods in the database and even a barcode scanner to import nutritional info, it's easy to keep up with what you eat.

If these apps are not for you, there are countless other apps available on your smartphone to get you moving. Next, I'm looking into a fitness tracker, similar to FitBit or Jawbone - another gadget to keep me interested and motivated on my journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

And of course, I'm quickly becoming obsessed with cute workout clothes. I think it's time for a new pair of running shoes :-)

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